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Intsika AgriMedia is a South African communication and information enterprise, started in 2012 with a focus on agricultural development and growth of food producers. We believe that up-to-date and relevant information is a crucial link to regional food security and rural development. Maximising future food production also requires the involvement of more entrepreneurs, women and young people.

In 2014 Intsika AgriMedia was selected from about four-hundred applications from three countries namely; Kenya, Uganda and South Africa to be part of the Oklahoma State University’s – Entrepreneurial Fellowship Programme – in America. Our focus was on education, communication and media in agricultural development. Through the programme, which was supported by the US Department of State, Intsika AgriMedia has formed various partnerships in Africa and globally.


“The discovery of agriculture was the first big step toward a civilized life.” Arthur Keith



Food provision to be ‘complicated’

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Agricultural demand in South Africa is expected to increase as population and income levels increase. But it is not as simple as that, it is essentially about the sector adapting to the change in demand trends, production will increasingly move from a ‘production push’ principle to a ‘demand pull principle’. Says Bertie Hamman, Senior Manager: Secondary Agriculture at Standard Bank. “Both consumers and the agricultural sector are at crucial turning points that will change the way that food is produced and consumed in the country. The one...

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Farmers face cash flow problems

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Despite the mass-culling of animals due to severe drought conditions over the past few months, meat producers have been resilient with prices trending firmer. However, their biggest challenge right now is overcoming financial and cash flow hurdles as they aim to re-build their herds to normal levels, with little or no income coming in. Paul Makube, Senior Agricultural Economist for FNB Business, says because of the recent rains in large parts of the country, production and grazing conditions are likely to improve, but more rain is needed to...

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District Six 50 years later

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The Minster of Rural development and Land Reform Gugile Nkwinti recently commemorated the 50th anniversary of the declaration of District Six, in Cape Town, as a white group area. By the time the bulldozers had done their work, 60 000 people had been forcibly removed from the iconic inner-city suburb and dumped in single-race ghettoes far from town. Forced removals were one of the defining characteristics of the apartheid era. No town or village was unaffected. Between 1960 and 1983, an estimated three-and-a-half million black South Africans...

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Landless communities go to ConCourt

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Civil society organisations will head to the Constitutional Court in Braamfontein on Tuesday 16th February 2016, to challenge the Restitution of Land Rights Amendment Act of 2014, which reopened the land restitution process for another five years. Fifty (50) communities will hold a night vigil at the Constitutional Court to voice their disapproval of the timing of the new process which they say will disadvantage over 8257 previous claimants whose cases were lodged during the initial process but have still not been settled. Land rights...

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R5 million donated to livestock farmers

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With South Africa in the grip of the worst drought the country has seen for the past six decades, AFGRI has stepped in and helped farmers across its service offering, the most recent of which was a donation of R5 million worth of animal feed to livestock farmers. The momentum of drought relief aid from AFGRI is increasing, with the Grain Management division having decided not to increase storage rates for 2016. “Again, this step is in light of knowing that our farmers value every bit of relief we are able to offer. As partners to agriculture...

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Farm worker wages raised

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After extensive consultations and consideration of submissions received from employers and employees both in the farming and forestry sectors, the Department of Labour has decided to adjust upwards the minimum wages for farming and forestry sectors. To calculate minimum wage increases, the Department applied consumer price index (CPI) excluding owner’s equivalent rent which is lower than what the Department used to apply which was CPI for quintile 1 as published by Stats SA for a specific period. As at 1 March 2016, the minimum wage increases...

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